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Thinkware Dashcam X550 - MO Faciliator - 06-20-2016

I am pleased to announce, in collaboration with the local agent of Thinkware, the MO for the new THINKWARE DASH CAM X550.

[Image: 106_kuYlSe-250-250.jpg]

Featuring Super Night Vision / Time Lapse as its newest features while incorporating the Award Winning features of its predecessor, the THINKWARE DASH CAM X500.

[Image: x550_snv_title.jpg]

The X550 is quipped with Thinkware's latest technology functions, including 'Super Night Vision' that enhances video clarity in low-light conditions or darkness, and 'Time Lapse Photography' that embraces improved video storage methods on parking mode.

'Super Night Vision', which is optimised for dark parking environments, delivers up to 10 times higher brightness than existing products, featuring a new image signal processing technology and a real-time video processing function. The 'Time Lapse Photography', recording continuously instead of motion and impact detection at parking mode, can record 15 times longer than the existing continuous recording mode.

Taking advantage of Thinkware's latest technology, the X550 is also equipped with 'Advanced Driving Assistance System' (ADAS), which assures driver's safety and convenience with numerous driver alerts. The Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) alerts drivers when drifting out of a lane and the Front Collision Warning System (FCWS) advises drivers on when to brake by calculating the speed of your vehicle and the vehicle in front in real time.

With a built-in GPS antenna, the X550 embeds speed, time and location data to the recorded videos to give you all the information you may need and the Dual Save technology allows you to save recorded footage in both the micro SD memory card and the last event in the built-in internal memory. This safeguards the camera against the loss of data in the aftermath of a severe collision if the memory card is damaged and the Dual Save Technology guarantees a backup copy of the video in the internal memory.

The X550 also has a 2.7-inch display to review camera footage and settings and is equipped with 1080p Full HD cameras, Ambarella chipsets, advanced video clear technology and Sony CMOS Image Sensors.

X550 (FHD Front and Back) RRP: $698 (Without installation)
HVHCSG Member Pricing: $600 (inclusive of concealed wiring installation and GST).

Interested members, please contact myself as usual to make the arrangements, the dashcam has arrived and is ready for installation.

The above is a premium model Dashcam, for those who are looking for just a normal Dashcam can consider our Thinkware X150 MO, which is still ongoing at $350 (inclusive of concealed wiring installation and GST).

The usual MO disclaimers applies.

Participants List:
1. Kelvin Lee
2. Teesen Koh
3. Danny Lim (Pending)

On behalf of the Team,
MO Moderator

Independent review of the new X550 and F770 dashcams.

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